Microsoft Toolkit Activator for Office and Windows [2022] Download

What is Microsoft Toolkit

Microsoft Toolkit is a universal tool that can activate almost any software from Microsoft. Working with it is simple, the program interface is intuitive. Microsoft Toolkit is freely available.

The program itself consists of two applications: Windows Toolkit and Office Toolkit, which are suitable for activating the operating system and the programs necessary for operation, respectively.

The main advantages of Microsoft Toolkit over other activators or OS versions that are distributed on the network:

By downloading one program, you can activate as many versions of programs as you want.
There is no risk of running into virus programs or losing personal data in the process of searching for a “clean” version of the software.
You can independently adjust the process of selecting keys. If the system has reset the activation code and requires a new one, you can sew it in with the same program without losing your personal data and Windows personalization settings.
The Microsoft Toolkit service does not collect any personal data. To use this program, you do not need to register anywhere, and the software itself does not make requests to other computer services.

The main functions of the program

Microsoft Toolkit is designed to bypass Microsoft security systems and use their programs for free. In addition to the selection of fake keys, this software can also reset the trial period of corporate software packages with a set frequency.

activate microsoft office toolkit

Microsoft Toolkit is suitable for

All versions of Windows OS from Vista to Windows 11. Not suitable for XP build.
Microsoft Office software package of any build.
Programs from the Microsoft Office suite separately, for example, only Word or Excel.
Server systems from 2008 to the present time.

Activators embedded in Microsoft_Toolkit work in the background and do not interfere with computer work, do not reduce its performance. You can track the operation of this program in the Task Manager.

How to use Microsoft Toolkit

By downloading the Microsoft Toolkit, the user gets access to two interfaces: Windows and Office.

After launching the program, a modular window opens with a dark background working panel and five buttons.

Credits – details to which you can send money to thank the authors of the program. These are voluntary contributions, and the program works absolutely free without them.
Instructions – rules for using the program, details for feedback. Must-read. It also indicates all the possible risks that a person is taking using this program.
OfficeandWindows icons – to switch between interfaces. Their structure is the same, only the active code that is used for software licensing changes.
Settings – individualization of the program for the convenience of work. You can change the language, size, fonts, and set special access rights.

By choosing which Microsoft product to activate, the user gets access to the work panel. It opens over a black field. There are three zones on the work panel: tabs, information and software selection.

The Main tab allows you to select the version of the program that you want to activate, and provides information about it: bit depth, number, type.
Activation tab allows you to choose a licensing method (key selection or trial period extension).
Product Keys tab opens a database of keys that you can delete and add yourself.
License Backup button saves data about past activations and licenses. It is useful if you need to temporarily replace the official Windows with a fake one.

In order to activate the program using Microsoft Toolkit, you need to open the “Activation” tab and take a few simple steps:

Press the EZ-Activator button.

microsoft office toolkit

Install KMS (most often it happens automatically, if not, you need to press the button).
Wait until the program selects the key and activates the system.
Click on the “Check” button to make sure that there is no software error in the process. The data will be displayed on a black working field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite the simplicity of the Microsoft Toolkit interface and the availability of this software, the user regularly has related questions.

Sometimes the program may simply not start. In this case, you need to check whether the software from is installed on the computer.NET Framework. The version of this program must be from 4 and higher, even if the old programs will be activated.

Before starting Microsoft Toolkit, you need to turn off antiviruses and other programs that are designed to fight KMS. On Windows 8 and 10, Windows Defender is responsible for this. To do this, go to the “update and security” tab, select “Windows Defender” and disable real-time protection. Immediately after activating the operating system or Office suite, you can turn on Defender again.

If Windows Defender destroys the file with the activator, you need to include the exe file of the Microsoft Toolkit program in the exception. To do this, you need to enter the parameters of the Defender, and in the “File” tab, add the desired program to the exception.

Sometimes on Windows 10, the program refuses to run even with antivirus and Defender disabled. In this case, it often helps users to run the software through administrator rights. To do this, right-click on the shortcut, and among all the options, select the one marked with the shield sign. After that, confirm your decision in the pop-up module window by clicking the “yes” button.

Microsoft Toolkit is one of the fastest and most convenient methods of activating Microsoft products.

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