How to activate Microsoft Office and Windows using KMSAuto? | Download 2023

KMSAuto combines security, usability and functionality. With its help, you can quickly “activate” Microsoft products. Lifetime removal of the restriction is possible by setting the task to reactivate – this process is automatic, the user only needs to use the program once.

A feature of the application is the “proprietary” engine – it is on it that the application works. This means that the “activate” is carried out by the usual installation of the key, that is, the system files are not affected. This does not affect the speed and correctness of the OS. The process itself is carried out as follows: a virtual server is created on the computer, which disguises itself as a developer site – it is through it that the software is activated. If necessary, the user re-performs the operation (in automatic mode), which will not allow the OS to “fly off” with the next update.

For the software to work correctly, the following conditions must be met:

Installed .NET Framework 4.
Windows 7, Vista, 8, 10, 11 OS.
Administrator rights.

If these conditions are met, then you can proceed to obtain a license key for the OS.

The installation of the program is standard – just run the installer and click “Next” – “Next”, specify the folder. It is also important to disable Windows Defender or any other antivirus. Since antiviruses see this tool as a potential threat, as they know about the capabilities of KMSAuto.

How to use it?

How to use NET KMSAuto ? So, download the software, install and run, the following window opens.


To activate the system, click “KMSAuto++” and select the appropriate activation item.

KMSAuto activate microsoft

Activate Windows or select Activate Office

When you click, the activation process begins – we are informed about this in the black bottom window.
After 5 seconds, the procedure is completed, the software receives a license.

Attention! KMSAuto activator allows you to get a license and access to the full version of Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2020, 2021 and also Microsoft Office 365.

In most cases, the above steps are enough to install the product key, but this program is flexible and offers different settings.

How to configure KMSAuto?

The application has a built-in KMS-Service. In the “System” tab, you can install or disable it. The component is a service for mass removal of a block or reactivation of Microsoft products. If you need to simply get a key on the OS, then you do not need to install the service.

KMSAuto activate office or windows

It is also possible to choose one of the modes:

Auto – fully automatic (set by default). In this mode, the program itself determines which parameters are suitable for your system. In the future, the software remembers the method and always uses it.

Hook – in this mode, at the time of activation, the original system file is replaced with the modified one, and then the original one is returned, suitable for obtaining a Windows key

WinDivert – suitable for removing the block from Windows In this mode, a temporary driver is installed in order to emulate the CMS server.

NoAuto is a completely manual method that is not recommended for beginners. It is suitable for experts who know the subtleties of the program and the system.

TAP – the TAP adapter is installed, through which activation takes place. If Activator 8.1 is required, then you can simply set this mode in KMSAuto. To obtain a key for the operating system, none of the proposed methods, except Auto, is suitable, so it is also used if there are any problems in Auto mode.

In the About tab, information about the “activator KMSAuto” software is indicated, and there is a “Professional mode” button at the bottom.

By clicking on it, additional settings will appear.

Additional settings of the pro mode

The features that become available in professional mode are often not needed by most users.

In the Utilities section, you can forcibly install your GVLK key, work with services, accounts, scheduler, reset the status of the “Invalid system”, view or hide updates.

When you click on Other Utilities, an additional window will open – there you can check the integrity of system files, restore them from disk, determine the ePID and Hwid of KMS-Service.

Most of the functions remain incomprehensible even to experienced users, so you do not need to touch them. As you can see, KMSAuto’s capabilities are much broader, but that’s not all. In the Settings tab there is a button I don’t have enough settings.

When clicked, the parameters of the KMS Service open – there you can generate and select an EPID for activating Windows and Office.

Do not touch these settings if you do not understand what they are for. Otherwise, you will not be able to activate Windows. Moreover, it is possible to bring the system to a state in which a positive result will become impossible.

Now you know how to activate your Microsoft Office or Windows. And all this is possible absolutely for free thanks to KMSAuto.

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